Friday, March 5, 2010

Math Final Group 2

Math Final Project Group 2
Group Member:
YDplusSB, Hyunhwa, J-tron foteen

A measuring cylinder
A right circular cone
A plastic bag
A glass
A timer
3 people….


The purpose of our final project is to help us understand calculus espeically the related rate problems better by applying the math into a real world situation. Throughout the process of solving the problem, we could also learn how to edit a video, how to distribute work, and how to work together as a group.

There is a right circular cone with a height of 11.3cm, a radius of 4cm. Initially, there is 15ml amount of water in the cone with a height of 4.85cm. As we unlock the bottom of the cone, the water in the cone will drip with a flow rate of 1.875ml/sec. At the same time, some water is poured into the cone at a flow rate of 0.275ml/sec.

What’s the rate of change of the radius after 3sec with the volume of 10.45cm3 and the height of 4.226cm?

Little Video:

The actually video quality is low. We use a white backgroup to highlight the actual experiment which consists of a right circular cone, a plastic bag, one glass, and a measuring cylinder.

Check out our solution in WIKI

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