Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Group 5's Final Project Presentation

MMMhmmm....Ice Cream....

Beston, Marley, and BlueElephants's Final Project Presentation

The purpose of this final project is for us to watch, learn, and teach a real world application of calculus. Our problem involves a conical container and a volume of liquid that is flowing out of the bottom. The purpose is to find what the rate of change of the volume with respect to time is as the liquid flows out at a certain height.
In our problem we measured the rate of change of the ice cream flowing out of an ice cream cone with respect to time.

An ice cream cone has a radius of 2.5 cm at the top and has a height of 10.2 cm. If the height of the melted ice cream is decreasing at a rate of 0.35228 cm/s, how fast is the volume of the melted ice cream decreasing when the height is 8.271cm?


-ice cream cone
-ice cream


Take the ice cream cone and cut off the very tip so that there is a small hole. Measure radius and height of cone. Melt ice cream in microwave. Fill the ice cream cone up with melted ice cream. Film using loggerpro. Move knife down as level of ice cream decreases. Using loggerpro, plot data points based off of level of knife in relation to the base of the cone.

Here is a delightful video of us, showing you, our data collection...

To see our solution please go to the Wiki.

MMMhmmm....Ice cream...But don't let it all melt away...

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