Friday, March 5, 2010

Ski Movie Final Project

The purpose of this final project is to help us understand related rates through teaching them ourselves. We are also hoping that we can help to teach others and challenge them to a new Related Rates problem. About all everyday scenarios, such as skiing, contain some bit of calculus. We are proposing a scenario, in which two skiers are skiing away from each other. We are going to calculate the rate at which the distance between them is changing. This problem was created by skirdude, secret and Flying Slug.

Two skiers are having an extreme day on Snowmass Mountain. They have been skiing together all day, dropping fatty cliffs and schralping mad gnar. Its the end of the day, and they are getting tired, so they now decide they both want to go down different runs. They are total math buffs and decide to turn this into an awesome Related Rates problem!

You can find our solution here!

And a big shout out to the crew at Aspen for being very patient with us and giving us tons of help!

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