Thursday, February 25, 2010

Future Math

It seems to me that every year there is new, incredibly ground breaking technology. Math included. This technology always is portrayed as the "future." Its gonna change the world around us! Well, I believe that we do that by ourselves. We already have the technologies to change our world, how we use should be the most pressing issue.

Currently, everything we create is built in order to streamline the process. As shown in the article, shopping is included. The fact that a company has the rights to what music I'll be buying next, or my favorite author may, in fact, be quite frightening. I am a believer in the fact that the more this technology piles on, the more cautious we need to be about how we use it. Computers already have capabilities far beyond that of any human. As a race, we need to hold true to our roots. We must embrace technology in a way that we do not inhibit our natural tendencies.

I don't mean to be all superficial and such, but is this really that far from possible?...

Alright, maybe thats a little far fetched. But, I would say that we are likely on our way there.

I think that all this technology is definitely beneficial and could greatly change the world we live in. It has the opportunity to benefit all of us. However, I would stress that we should keep in mind where we would like to be, and where we are going.


  1. I agree. If we don't watch out, computers will probably take over the world. Maybe, in a way, they have already...
    The bottom of you post is cut off, which is too bad, because the beginning of your last sentence looks really good. That movie looks really cool...I LOVE Gerard Butler. Good job on the post.

  2. This is an interesting response. I never thought about how bad technology could be, it could take over the world!!! I think you are right when you said that we need to be cautious using our technology because it could easily backfire on us like in I Robot! Do you think that this type of thing could happen soon??