Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ahhh Math!!

This article mainly focuses on the fact that we live in a predominantly technology focused world which means math is becoming more apparent in our everyday lives. Whether we know it or not, every time we check our email, or watch tv, math played a big part in getting that type of information into our homes. Since computers became popular around the world, it is much easier for companies to track their products and to see what their customers really think. This type of media, I think, makes the world a more communal place since everyone gets to express their views and show them to the whole world.
I think that the math the article talks about is more behind the scenes more most of the population. Many people don't know how much math goes into their daily activities, and they will never need to know or be exposed to it in any way. I think you would only really realize how big of a role math plays in our technological society if you had a job as a computer programmer, or your job entailed a lot of statistics. To use computers the average person doesn't need to know much about math, in fact it seems like each new version of various operating systems make it so there is less and less calculations and knowledge involved. Now almost anyone can use a computer. I think the world is moving towards simplicity. Only a select few will know all the math involved in shaping our society. Computer programming knowledge will be the new skilled craftsmen. Instead of needing painters and woodworkers, in the future we will need more computer programmers.

I found this video that shows some of the math involved in computer programming:


  1. Blitzen,

    You make an interesting point about the mathematical power being held by a few select members of society. You write that "Only a select few will know all the math involved in shaping our society". Do you think there are any potential problems with this idea of having the power of shaping society in the hands of a few people?

    Thanks for your insights.


  2. Blitzen,

    Thanks for your hard working on this. But your summary seems to me is really a summary, too concise, which omits some really important points. I think the article mainly talked about how all the numbers related to people’s privacy such as tendency of items and how math especially statistics will play a really important role in the future. Computer is a huge part of the article. Maybe you are just focusing on the computer part. I just think you could make the summary more specifically instead of missing a lot of critical points. The video is pretty cool though. By the way, I think math has been a great part of our world for at least 30 years starting from the first industrial revolution. So go math!!!


  3. Sarah, I think the thought of computer geeks running the world is frightening. Since I wrote this post I have been thinking a lot about it. This is stereotyping, but I don't think pale gamers who spend their whole lives in front of a computer screen have the knowledge or common sense to run the world. Although computers may not destroy our need for a president. Ultimately, that won't matter if he doesn't know how to write programs and so on. The geeks will have all the power!!!