Monday, February 1, 2010

See Math

Continuous and Differnetiable

Photo 18

Not a one to one function

Photo 22

Continuous but not Differentiable

Photo 17

Invertible Function

Photo 19

Not Continuous and not Differentiable

Photo 20

Now I see math


  1. These are great and simple picture that we can find in the school. This simplicity made each type of function clearly understandable. However, it would be better to include some interesting notes to each pictures.

  2. Way to go on creativity in the barfork. i imagine it is hard to take creative pictures in there. my favorite was the picture of the pipes! it is a great picture of discontinuities! I did have to stretch my brain a little to see the invertible function in the bulletin bored but after reading your comment i could see what you were saying. well done : )