Sunday, February 21, 2010

Math Has Rocked My World

In the article "Quantifying Humanity" the author discusses the uses of math in the business and technological worlds. The author specifically references each math genre (calculus, geometry, statistics etc.) and gives examples of how they can improve technology and create jobs for people in any field of study. For example he talks about how statistics is a major contributer in every job market because whether you are dealing with fashion trends, environmental patterns or oil sales you will be analyzing large sets of data and comparing trends. The article also talks about the importance of calculus in technological advancements and how geometry is not just for laying tile floors but is a huge aspect of engineering.

I personally thought this article was very interesting. I already knew that math was a huge part of the future, but had no idea of the relevance it serves in our every day lives. It was very interesting to learn about the enormous variety professions that use math to succeed. I have never really thought about how math is a huge part of the sales industry or how it helps major distributers like Ford and even insurance companies. It was great for me to see all of the practical uses of math, because it reminded me of why I continue to take math classes and work hard to understand every aspect of math. Math is not my strongest subject, but I believe that it will create many opportunities for me, as well as the rest of the world, in the future. Math has definitely rocked my world, has it rocked yours?


  1. The fact that math is in almost everything is one of the reasons I want to be a math teacher - a lot of people come out of school hating math, and that is so sad to me.

    I agree that math is useful and shows up in almost anything, but I also love math because it is so beautiful. Do a google image search for fractals...

  2. I love Fractles!!!!! math is beautiful not only in the patterns it makes but also because it is the only thing that is the same in every country. its universal.