Sunday, February 21, 2010

Math is Super

This article really made me think about my future. It seems as though, if you want to be someone with influence in the world, your best bet is to become a math major. Baker talks of how math greatly influences the world we live in. Although i did not fully understand the relationship, I understood that it math is very critical in the world today. Most everything in our daily lives can be analyzed in number because of patterns that exist. Words, movements and emotions can all be described in numbers. Its all quite amazing. Businesses use these patterns to predict what we people want in order to sell products and such. Internet, for example, is monitored by computers that gather data from keywords that we type to build a sort of profile of each person in order to see what we want. These companies use the data to advertise their products. Though this analyzation of the internet, companies can find out what is popular among people fairly easily. This is a concern to many because it is in some way an invasion of our privacy.  There are debates regarding the monitoring of the internet and phones in congress. On the hand, these computers can pick up suspicious behavior that could help with the war on terrorism. Companies are working to protect privacy as well as get enough info to build good data. All these companies are at the frontier of the technological movement of mathematics playing a huge part in our daily lives. And the workers at these companies are kids straight out of college who are good at math. And they make a good amount of money if they score a big idea that another company wants to buy. Its a good place to be, which make me consider taking that route. Plus, the US needs more locals to be these math geniuses because so many of the people working at these companies are foreign born. Its also kind of scary how much math can do. How it can predict what people want and how it can pick up conversations through computers that were intended for few people. Our whole way of life is being converted into numbers. Although computers have the capability to cure illnesses and stuff in is important to note that eventually they may turn on us like they did in terminator, just a thought. In conclusion, like Baker states, it is a good time to know math because it is what is moving the world forward. 

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  1. This is so true. This is exactly how I thought when I read the articles. Numbers are the major key in current and future society. Lots of people from Asia and foreign country people are dominating the society and company works followed by individual's math skills. Lot more of social categories are related to the subject of math. We, as a student, should be more concerned about learning math.