Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Product Rule

I Google searched the product rule and I clicked on the second search result, (the first was Wikipedia). It was a fairly dull looking website, but it was simple and to the point. First it stated the definition of the product rule, and was then followed by about 15 problems to work on. Each problem also had a link to a detailed solution, so I could easily check my work, or have something to go to if I got confused.

Here's the link to the site that I found:

I think in this case the online source was more valuable to me, because it gave me the exact information I needed as well as an opportunity to try out that knowledge. The book does the same thing, but it also has a lot more information to navigate around.

One other thing I think is helpful, is being able to verbally define the Product Rule. This was not included in either the website or the book, but it can be done without them.

Here is Definition of the Product Rule:

Differentiate tex2html_wrap_inline410 .







  1. Hey Babar!
    I like the fact that not only does your example explain the product rule, but it also has a chain rule application, which is a reminder.
    The other thing I found cool is your use of the equation editor because it makes the example very net. :)

  2. Hi Babar,

    Your post is very well-organized. I particularly like the use of color to distinguish the different parts of the example.

    I'm curious about the different notations for the derivative in your post. The website you found seems to use three different notations: y', f'(x), and D(5x+2). Do you think that this takes away from the clarity of the post? Is it important to be consistent with a notation within an explanation? If you were writing the product rule and an example, what notation would you choose and why? I would suggest that, if you do use a notation that is different from what your peers are used to using/reading, it might be helpful to define the notation before using it.


  3. Babar,
    Your post provides enough detail for others to follow and your description of the link entices your classmates to check it out. You also took advantage of this forum question to practice using the equation editor. There is one inaccuracy I noticed in your post. You state that it is helpful to have a verbal definition of the product rule and that neither your website nor our text provides this. This is not true. If you look in the highlighted box on page 133 of our text you will find the verbal description of the product rule as a procedure.

  4. Babar,
    I like the way you organized your post. You provided a lot of details to explain that you prefer the internet source. I like your summary to that website you provided, too.
    However, I think textbook also provides you what are provided by internet. Textbook leads to the concept of concept of product rules. I like that way better. So I prefer textbook.
    The example you provided is a good example. But you just pulled it directly from the website that you provided us. It would be better if you could give us your own example. There are a few errors in the example. I don't really know why there are two plus signs in the last picture.
    I also think Internet sometimes provides you wrong information. Don't you think so?