Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ski Math!

The Matterhorn

The Lift

Tiroler Grostle
Tiroler Grostle

The Bowl
The Bowl!

Not here...
Top of Highlands


  1. Skirdude,
    These are some awesome pictures. I really like how you incorporated the mountains and skiing into your post. My only suggestion would be to put the Flikr photos directly into the post so that way the reader can click on the photos and be able to see the hotspots and captions and whatnot. To do that, you go onto your Flirk and to the photo you want to use. Then you click the "Share this" button at the top and go to grab the HTML. Then you select the HTML and copy and paste it into your post. Hope this helps, and great post!

  2. Nice lines I like the winter theme!! It makes you realize how many different types of lines are in nature and around us every day. When I was taking my pictures I didn't even have to really look around for lines I just saw them everywhere. Which function is the fourth picture supposed to be??

  3. absolutely love the pics!!!! made me want to go function skiing. haha I thought that the titles were very interesting and clever but could be more descriptive in the math area. using the flickr suggestion will turn your great post into a super post! nice job