Saturday, January 9, 2010

Product Rule

This forum post is showing the differences between textbook definitions and online definitions of the product rule. On our textbook, product rule was clearly defined with in the box. It also gave us the proof with the general definition of the derivative. It also provides simpler definition of the product rule with not only with letters, but also with words. On the other hand, online version of the definition of the product rule I found provided audio and video description of the definition. It was easier for me to understand with someone talking to me; therefore, I thought that online version I found had more clear description. However if someone wants to know more about product rule not simply about how to solve the problem, one should go through the textbook to learn about the product rule.

Product Rule:


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  1. Hyunhwa,

    Your post is well organized and your make a good case for the advantages of the online resources.

    I wonder whether your example might be more clear if you showed which part of f(x) represented g(x) and which represented h(x) before applying the product rule.

    Nice use of the equation editor!