Thursday, January 28, 2010

I spy with my little eye...MATH!

I looked and looked until I saw
what to my eye looked like a little fly,
but when I took a second look
the functions opened like a book,
This here is what I found
after a lot of looking around;
A function hiding in front of my face,
A function hiding with little trace...

There was one above my head, And it was invertible!


There was one hiding beneath the bed, And it was not a one-to-one function!

I See SinuSpandex

There was one hiding on top of her head, And it was continuous but not differentiable!


There was one hiding on his head, And it was differentiable and continuous!

Stripes And An Upper Cut

There was one hiding in the lead, And one that was not continuous or differentiable!

The Pole Has A Hole

And that is all I saw that day,
Which very much led me astray...


  1. Hey Beston!

    Great post, I love the amusing poem. I only have one comment for this post. The bottom of the shoe (sinuspandex) is a one to one function. In order for it it be a function that is not one to one, it must be some type of a closed circle. Great creativity here though.

    mc Casper

  2. Hi Beston,

    I agree with mc Casper that the poem was a creative way to catch the reader's attention.

    Also, following up on mc Casper's comment regarding the shoe. It might help to edit the photos to draw the lines/curves onto the shapes you see, so that the reader can be sure of what you are describing.

    Nice work!