Sunday, January 10, 2010

Product Rule

While both explanations where helpful in explaining the Product Rule the internet site I found would not have been enough with the book. The book was extremely clear in its definition while also providing a straight forward expample to begin creating further understanding with. As well as the verbal definition, the derivative of the first times the second, plus the first times the derivative of the second. However the site provide a number of more complex examples which could prove to be more useful in the future and more applicable during further practice. Unfortunately the site was limited in the number of examples and was more focused on why this rule makes sense and how to prove that it actually works and is accurate. Ultimately both are moderately useful and work well together but would require more information for a successful watch it, do it, teach it, learning process.



  1. Hey Winn Plot, I'm your mentor. I'm a bit confused by your paragraph, I think you've got a missing word in your first sentence, and you said the site had both more examples and limited examples. Can you tighten it up a bit so its a little more clear?

    I'm interested in your comment on the website. What helps you learn better - an explanation of why something works, or examples showing how it works? Personally I like an explanation, but I know a lot of people who just want to see an example. Interesting to ponder.

    Finally, I think your example would be easier to read and follow if you use the Equation Editor. Have you guys started using this yet (its on the right side). Its a little tricky, but you should play around with it a bit, it makes stuff look way prettier.

    Great start.

  2. Winn Plot, I found a lot of the same info you did trying to figure out this whole product rule deal. However, I will agree with kwad, I think that this post was somewhat confusing. It might be worth looking over your post real quick before posting it. I do agree with the fact that both the book in conjunction with other sources can really help in with the "do it, teach it" idea. I chose not to use the Equation Editor as well, I think I was a little scared of it, but I do agree that those who chose to use it, made for a much prettier post. Well done otherwise!

  3. THanks guys I see what your talking about with the grammar. And in this post i decided not to use the equation editors due to the simplicity of the example and formula that i was illustrating.


    The way i learn best would without any doubt be through examples. I actually really struggle with explanations alone. If i don't have a number of clear cut examples i dont stand a chance at actually successfully learning and exacuting the problem at hand. I dont necessarily stuggle with the calculus portion of math but more so with the algebra in each problem. For example with the product or quotient rules, I struggle to simplify using algebra once the initial steps are complete. I hope this is something i can figure out and become more successful with in the near future.

    THanks for the help

    Winn Plot