Friday, January 8, 2010

Mind Map of Review on Semester One


  1. This is a really nice mind map. It includes most of the materials we learned. I agree with how you arrange your mind map. Most of the connections are right. However, there are still some mistakes. The major issue I found is unclear connections.
    For example, check out this picture.
    e~~ Why can't I insert a picture here?
    Look at the integral part.
    The integral box was connected with 4 other boxes with the same kind of line. There are two kinds of lines you can pick: one kind has an arrow at the end of the line; other doesn't. So I think these two lines represent different relations between the two boxes. However, you are using the same kind of line to connect different boxes. Actually, the relation between definite integral and integral is different with the relation between "areas under curve" and integral. So I think you need different kinds of lines to make the relationship between boxes more clearly. And actually, you spell the integral wrong.

  2. First of all, will you tell me where I spelled Integral wrong? I can't find any

    I agree with your comment that I should choose different type of lines to describe the different kind of connections between concepts, but I figured that since there is only two types of line, other than when one concept is need to be connect to other concept in other column, I decided to use same type of line. I hope this explanation is clear enough to resolve your disagreement of my mind map.

  3. Hi Hyunhwa,
    This is a very nice mind map which you obviously put a lot of time into. I have one additional suggestion to add on to YDplusSB's comment. The bubbles could be more spread out evenly so as to refrain from having connection lines cross. The lines on the mind map can be a little hard to follow at times, even though you have the different concepts grouped separately, which is very helpful. Overall, great job on your detailed and colorful mind map. It looks wonderful for the first time working with a brand new program.

    mc Casper