Friday, January 8, 2010

First Semester Calc Mind Map


  1. Yours has a lot that I didn't even think of, I have a question though, should the displacement, velocity, and acceleration be under the term antiderivative? I was just thinking that they CAN be but the aren't necessarily....


  2. I thought that it would remind the reader of the connection between the different types of movement. And their connection to antiderivative.

  3. Hi flying slug, I like that your mind map is getting people thinking! It's great to see that your way of organizing the different calculus concepts differ from the way Beston thinks about them. When we do "mind maps" in my classes, I have my students write short phrases to connect the different concepts. For example, one student might write, "may or may not be defined when there is a" on the arrow between the concepts "limit" and "discontinuity"... so you read it as "limit may or may not be defined when there is a discontinuity". What kinds of phrases do you think you would add to connect the ideas you listed under the "antiderivatives" concept?